SOE11440 Marketing within the Global Economy Project 2 Assessment Developing Competitive Advantage

SOE11440 Marketing among the Global Economy
Purpose 2 Assessment
Developing Competitive Service
1. Context
You are Marketing Director coercion any crew of your exquisite.
This purpose is purposed to ruminate the trained cause of marketing management and asks you to alter the academic suppose you attain in your lectures and balbutiation into trained inclination coercion your crew.
Your crew is embarking on a Strategic Guilening System insertion a 3-year scene. You are lawful coercion the strategic marketing sunder of the guile and in sundericular the area of coming competitive service.
Wilson, R. M.S., Gilligan, C., and Pearson, D. (1992) illustrate the principal 3 stages of the strategic marketing guilening system thus:
• Where are we now?
(Strategic and marketing separation)
• Where do we absence to be?
(Strategic inclination and management coercionmulation)
• How government we obtain there?
(Strategic exquisite)
2. Instruction
You are expected to fashion a coercionmal essay coercion your board and your marks earn be naturalized on the union of this essay to the coercionthcoming:
You earn be assessed on your power to:
a. Critically evaluate the crew’s popular strategies coercion sustainable competitive service
b. Set extinguished the desired competitive pose 3 years from now
c. Offer plain recommendations on what the crew needs to do to consummate that pose
d. Write a close, well-presented and precisely referenced side of operation
The prolixity of your essay should be 2,500 articulation +/- 10%. The signal enumerate season is there to experience your skills of directness and convergence. You are strongly advised to suppress your operation applicable to the question stuff.
Key sections with suggestions as to signal enumerate:
Contents Approximate
Signal Enumerate Weighting
1. Brief analysis proposture of the economic environment your crew is slight to be liberal in 200 10%
2. Where are we now?
Evaluation of popular competitive service 650 25%
3. Where do we absence to be?
Our competitive pose in 3 years’ interval 900
4. How do we obtain there?
Plain recommendations on what the crew needs to do to consummate 3. overhead 750 25%
5. Bibliography (referable middle in the signal enumerate) 10%
You earn be awarded marks coercion each of the overhead sections from F6-D5 with weightings applied to each.
3. Submission instructions:
You must resign ONE SINGLE FILE written in Arial 12 with undivided and a half (1 ½ ) spacing and the quotation should be justified. You should as-well include a meet page that has the coercionthcoming information:
• Edinburgh Napier University
• SOE11140 Marketing among the Global Economy
• Purpose 2 – Marketing
• Your confess matriculation enumerate (no names, gladden)
• Your signal enumerate
Note: This is a marketing purpose and referable an economics purpose. Your marketing lectures earn meet the hypothetical satisfied and remarkable marks earn be awarded coercion declaration of rove academic balbutiation