Prompt: Each student will write a five (5) page final paper (not including the title page and work cited) based on the movie “Crash” that was directed by Paul Haggis in 2004. Students will watch the movie at their leisure and provide a critical analysis of the social issues that are intertwined throughout the movie as it relates to the assigned readings throughout the semester. The paper must be typed and utilize at least 2 scholarly research sources as well as be in MLA format. So basically the assignment is to watch the movie and discuss the social issues that are shown in the movie. Use at least two peer reviewed articles. She also said when talking about scenes from the movie, don’t describe them in too much detail because she already watched the movie, knows what happens, and will not count lengthy scene descriptions as a part of the essay therefore shortening the length. As far as the social topics that can be discussed, she said we can use the topics we discussed in the textbook as well as any other social issues.