Length: 2500 words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
Read the case study, “Lincoln Hospital: Third-Party Intervention” – a copy of this case will be provided in the Resources section of our unit website.
Prepare your views on the following questions in light of the information presented in the case;

Purpose of the case:
1. An opportunity to contract to perform a diagnosis of human process issues at the interpersonal and group level in a large hospital system.
2. To critique the initial steps of the intervention chosen and offer different options
3. To assess the appropriateness of the intervention chosen and propose alternative OD interventions to address the presenting problems and the underlying issues raised in the diagnosis.
4. To assess the effectiveness of the intervention and propose next steps.
Part A
1. If you had been called by Lincoln’s president to help resolve the problems described in the case, how would you have carried out the process? What would you have done differently than the OD consultant?
2. Is third-party intervention an appropriate intervention in this case? What were other possible OD
Note that the focus of this assessment is on a critical evaluation of the processes that were used in the case.
Part B
Discuss two lessons from the case study that you could put into practice in your own work or previous work experience. State why these lessons are important to you and outline a plan for implementing them in your future or current work situation. You do not need to identify your specific situation or details of individuals or organisation.
Your discussion should include the following:
• Descriptions of specific actions, interventions or approaches that would be more effective in similar situations in the future, and the improved outcomes that you would expect.
• The criteria and processes that you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of these actions and
• Possible obstacles to implementing your improvement plan (e.g. lack of time, insufficient resources, unsupportive colleagues), and how they can be overcome.

Note: In addressing this task you will need to draw on the theoretical concepts you have been studying in this subject.

This assignment has been designed to:
LO 2 Assess and explain reasons for organisational change and explain why these are contested
LO 3 From a range of theoretical perspectives, identify, examine and critically analyse approaches to organisational change, and assess the outcomes.
Marking criteria

Fail (F)
Unsatisfactory Performance
Pass (P)
Satisfactory Performance
Credit (C)
Good quality showing more than satisfactory performance
Distinction (D)
Superior quality above average for this level of performance
High Distinction (HD)
Excellent quality in all aspects
0% to 49% 50% to 64% 65% to 74% 75% to 84% 85% to 100%
UNDERSTANDING OF CASE QUESTIONS & ISSUES 15 Little or no understanding of the case questions and issues under investigation. Mis-interprets statements and questions Demonstrates a sound understanding of the case questions and issues Demonstrates a good understanding of the case questions and issues with some insights to recognise Demonstrates a deep understanding of the case questions and significant issues Demonstrates an excellent understanding of the case questions and issues investigation, showing reasoning, self-confidence and originality
CRITICAL ANALYSIS 10 Descriptive. Reproduces information from lectures and readings. Over-reliance on quotes and close paraphrasing. Fails to identify relevant counter arguments Demonstrates an adequate level of integration of concepts and some consideration of alternate perspectives evident Able to identify relevant and contrasting arguments. Offers some analysis, but occasionally lack consistency. Demonstrates some creativity and insight shown at arriving at case solutions Able to accurately interpret evidence and statements. Offers analysis and evaluation of obvious alternate points of view. Demonstrates creativity, insight and imagination shown at arriving at case solutions Clearly demonstrates a high level of integration of readings and/or alternative perspectives into own writing. Critically analyses and evaluates major alternative points of view. Demonstrates high creativity, insight and imagination shown at arriving at case solutions
CONSTRUCTION OF A COHERENT AND SUSTAINABLE ARGUMENT 10 Disjointed, unfocused, poorly structured argument. Disconnected paragraphs; no clear line of argument Basic line of argument is apparent, but a great deal of improvement is needed to create coherence Organisation of ideas is relatively clear, but some work still needed Able to construct a coherent line of argument throughout Able to construct a coherent line of argument throughout and to effectively synthesise and integrate abstract ideas
CLARITY OF WRITTEN EXPRESSION 10 Incomprehensible. Poor communication of ideas due to careless writing and lack of proof-reading. Unacceptable number of spelling and grammatical errors Some inconsistency in sentence structure. Clarity of expression could be enhanced by some revision. Many spelling errors and/or poor grammar A satisfactory standard of expression. Few spelling and/or grammar errors. Consistent expression. Few spelling and/or grammar errors Comprehension enhanced by excellent written expression and superior grammar and spelling skills. Work has a clear ‘voice’
REFERENCING 5 Little or no acknowledgement of sources used. Possible academic misconduct case Attempted APA referencing but displays poor grasp of academic convention Some inconsistencies in APA referencing with both in-text citations and list of references Good understand of the need to acknowledge the work of others. Mostly accurate APA referencing both with-in text citations and list of references Excellent understanding of acknowledgement of sources. Accurate APA referencing with bot in-text citations and list of references
Assignment should be in a business report format, i.e., narrative style with section headings. Use 1.5 line spacing. Be sure to acknowledge sources of information and include a table of contents and a reference list. There are a variety of ways of laying out a business report suitable for academic purposes.
Please use appropriate headings to cover each aspect of this assessment task. You will definitely need to use at least the following headings.
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Part A
Part B
Reference List