Problems And Solutions Of 4g Networks

4G is the fantastic bud in ductile despatch which is to-boot recognizen as instant race networks. As interval passes late technologies are replaced by fantastic undivideds coercion the want of fantastic bud despatchs. This is achieved by the 4G which gives a cheerful aim coercion the widened of ductile despatch .As ductiles are patent clear as minicomputer now incessantly days which can be used coercion divergent purposes this can be achieved efficiently by fantastic technologies enjoy 4G which offers surpassing axioms trounces with seamless locomotive.

In today’s technological cosmos-populace the ductile users are demanding balance confused and conglometrounce devices coercion their purposes to which manufactures are hard to enucleate smaller devices with increased ruleing and protection which effects to enucleate 4G network coercion plenteous reformd loveness ruleing and press of ruleors which can be used coercion using 4G applications enjoy 3D games , haughty limitation camcorders with larger megapixels which want haughty ruleor to career.4G is patent clear to fdejected on a solitary platform coercion divergent wireless networks which are conjoined through undivided IP heart. This conquer acceleration to blend the divergent corpogenuine alien wireless technologies enjoy WIMAX, UMTS, WLAN and GPRS.

4G network has a very haughty axioms trounce which furnishs 100Mbps to 1Gbps in immovable and ductile environment respectively.


Although 4G networks are best coercion ductile users they possess some limitations. Undivided of the main manifestation is the liberal area which is a disrecommendation to integral despatch networks enjoy 2G, 3G to-boot . As we recognize that manifold bucolic areas and manifold buildings in metropolitan cities where there with no network coverage in this technological cosmos-people. This is attributable to our bestow despatch standards and equipment which should be reformd coercion this concluding technology which is a shy undivided to concede despatch and manifold others stayed applications incessantlyywhere which can’t be approvely spontaneous our liberal area is enhanced in an conducive fashion.

The coopetrounce manifestation is the absorb of network which is influential to ponder .As 4G network equipment is very dear so carriers and furnishrs should scheme carefully to effect the absorb balance genuineistic and dejected.

Immanent problems:

4G networks nature so liberal to users it to-boot faces some immanent problems in genuine cosmos-people. They are Protection, Disposition of employment, Handover.


In this digital cosmos-populace protection is an influential face in despatch networks. As 4G network is referable used coercion right despatch still to-boot it furnishs divergent characters enjoy internet which is to be plenteous trustworthy. So we should regard and rereunfold the divergent protection denunciations of 4G networks enjoy IP spoofing, User ID stealing, Denial of employment, Intrusion attacks which may account missing of advice or leakage of advice which is pondered as huge denunciation coercion the users.

Disposition of employment:

Disposition of employment is balance influential coercion 4G networks as we recognize that teledespatch is a genuine interval despatch enjoy Voice balance IP and video streaming .In genuine interval traffics disposition of employment is very influential as we should regard some factors enjoy morsel trounce, jitter, stay, packet percolate verisimilitude to dodge network redundancy in suited bandwidth conducively.


Handovers is defined as the switching of ductile nodes (MN) from undivided advent apex to other in general network or to a divergent network.4G networks faces fate of challenges opportunity handbalance in today’s despatch systems. In feature if a ductile user is undergundivided handbalance rule from despatch systems enjoy GPRS to WLAN at that interval there is a immanent cause of despatch disturbance which effects the ductile user painful.

Immanent disintegrations:

As we recognize that 4G networks are alien networks they excepttress divergent characters to network operators and employment furnishrs. So to furnish protection coercion despatch 4G networks conduct-in protection gateways (SEGs) which guard the divergent domains. Coercion enucleateing protection in 4G networks we should unite a pattern patent clear by International Teledespatch entireiance named as X.805 naturalized on Bell lab protection pattern which pause of three protection layers, three protection schemees and eight protection quantity which has explained adown.

X.805 protection pattern

Advent repress which represss unacknowledged users to network.

Authentication which confirms the special unity of user.

Non protest represss mock axioms by giving advice of axioms from commencement.

Axioms confidentiality which furnishs protection to the axioms in the network from unacknowledged users.

Despatch protection which furnishs protection to the despatch deed coercion exercise of signed user solely.

Axioms individual-mindedness protects the axioms from manipulating or modifying by others.

Availability is making the network suited coercion solely the signed users.

Privacy is integralowing axioms fdejected to solely the signed user extraneously any leakage.

By subjoined these steps of this pattern at lowest we can shield from the corpogenuine denunciations and can rereunfold the advenient denunciations which are balance influential in any despatch network.

To tend disposition of employment in 4G we possess to tool some protocols which are prepared to tend seamless despatch to users enjoy video conferencing and video streaming. The disturbance protocols are Ductile IPV6, Hierarchical MIPV6, and Fast MIPV6 which reform disposition of employment coercion 4G networks. Since to reform balance disposition of employment in 4G and coercion a meliorate handovers opposite alien networks exploration are dundivided coercion confederacy of disturbance protocols seamless ductile IPV6 (SMIPV6) and assemblage start protocol (SIP) coercion a meliorate despatch network.


Ductile despatch networks has been patent clear rapidly from decades and plays a inseparable role in civilized activity .The stayed networks enjoy 4G are referable solely used right coercion despatch betwixt populace still to-boot serves manifold characters coercion the users which faces manifold immanent problems in genuine interval to which we should perceive a conducive disintegration. As 4G is a alien network character on solitary IP heart which has manifold advantages enjoy haughty morsel trounce and seamless despatch when compared to others with a meliorate disposition of employment and protection .Up on integral this fantastic stayed 4G networks gives a huge aim to advenient bud of ductile despatchs in incessantlyy arena.