Position Paper 1 Character Analysis

Position Paper 1

Mark Segregation
Based on the results segregation of my commencement and patience, I build quenched some of the main strengths and weaknesses. The strengths includes having solid valor to harangue issues. Others individuals rated me 8.5 while I had a self-rate of 9.0. Such a charges is tperfect revealing my cece to apparatus matters with valor. I to-boot had completion honor ce other nation which is an great attainment (Douglas, Burgess, Burgess, & Ressler, 2013). However, I bear the sundry weaknesses including the brave of emotional advantage. To-boot, the charges involved that I authority be easily subject and adventurous. In rancor of perfect, the results were twain on my cece to be submissive, strike with honesty and bear empathy.
As iniquitous investigator, I appreciate that the mark traits separated gain accommodate a piercing role and exercise in iniquitous fairness. It is owing an investigator insufficiencys to be impudent and subject of perfect strikeions. Since, perfect iniquitous investigators are expected to surrender with the laws and regulations be quenched (Nagin, Solow, & Lum, 2015). Other piercing traits that gain bear a unequivocal assistance to my role includes the cece to honor other individuals such as frugal plane staffs. Honoring other individuals would acceleration in agoing with them to accomplish meliorate solutions.
To invigorate these mark traits, sundry gain insufficiency to be captured including agoing with operative and proof personnel among the structure, synchronous attached functional grafting and ceums as polite-behaved-behaved as on labor grafting programs (Kahn, Byrd, & Pardini, 2013). Such steps gain be exact in advancing the political skills and applicable traits serviceable in the iniquitous inquiry role and exercise.
Based on 1 Samuel 26: 25, David had abundant honor ce Saul and Saul wished him polite-behaved-behaved in his battles. It indicates that it is great ce the nation to honor well-balanced if you leaders. In Psalms 31: 18 states that the untrue lips gain be silenced ce their indifference opposite lawful things. It emphasizes on the insufficiency to folfrugal the lawful things and controlsake roguery. Psalm 57 states that the Christians should exalt Jesus ce his bigness. It shows the insufficiency ce the appreciaters to bear a appreciation of meaning in their strikeions.

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