Paper Prompt: Amid the extensive bureaucracy developed in Spanish America, the viceroy held the highest

Paper Prompt:
Amid the extensive bureaucracy developed in Spanish America, the viceroy held the highest
authority as he represented the king himself. However, this royal officer had to deal with the different
interests of local networks of power, whose challenge to the king’s representative demonstrated this
held a limited power. Patronage networks were so engrained in colonial society that the viceroy had
to negotiate with them in order to rule. Rosenmüller’s work on Duke of Albuquerque’s
administration in New Spain examines the delicate balance of power between the viceroy and local
elite groups. This analysis shows the new ruling dynasty of the Spanish Bourbons progressively
introduced various changes on the colonial administration, while groups of power resisted their
The duke’s dismiss from his post as viceroy, and the measured sanction he received result
contradictory because, on one hand, these outcomes corroborated the king was the ultimate source of
the viceroy’s authority and, on the other hand, they failed to represent an exemplary punish for
abusive royal authorities. How do you explain the fall from royal grace of Albuquerque? How did his
interactions with local group of power influence this outcome? How does the existence of patronage
systems, in different levels, impact the sanctions Albuquerque received?
Use Arial or Times New Roman fonts, 12pts, double-spaced. Put a creative title to your paper. This
should have ONE clear and strong thesis statement, which goes at the end of the introduction
paragraph. You don’t have to answer to each of the questions independently in the thesis statement.
Provide examples from the materials provided. You must cite your references and include a
bibliography at the end of your paper in Chicago Style.
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