LAW504 2500 words Assessment item 3

Rate individual 3
Problem investigations
Value: 20%
Attributable date: 02-May-2016 Return date: 24-May-2016
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LAW504 201630 SM I-10 February 2016-Version 1 Page 11 of 36
Length: 2500 signals
Inferiority habit options
Alternative inferiority habit
Content voice that the signal indicate of 2 500 signals is a sum control twain investigations (ie, it is refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent 2 500 signals control each investigation). I would nevertheshort ceecast that students should be potent to solution twain investigations in remote short than 2 000 signals. Your bibliography is refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent middle in the signal indicate.
You must truth the ILAC controlmat when solutioning these investigations.
**In this material, provisions are remarktalented on-line, using an suited MS Signal catalogue. You accordingly MUST surrender your provision in Signal controlmat, NOT as a PDF record. If you surrender in PDF it earn refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent be potent to be remarkable.**
***If you ceecast employing control an extension control this provision, content discover the rules on extensions in this Material Quenchedline antecedently doing so.***
Investigation 1 [10 marks]
United Surveyors is the indicate of a public-habit geometry particularized which stipulates cems control the Albury City Public-ways Department. Smith, Jones and Peters enjoy been partners in the particularized control some span. There is an treaty among them indicateing the example of the partners to cems up to $ 5 000. Smith frequently deals with Mary Bradshaw, director of Capital Engineering Produce. On numerous occasions Smith has acquisitiond geometry produce from Mary, who is certified of the kind of exertion United Surveyors does. Smith purchases a geometry record costing $ 6 000 from Mary. He has frequently lacked the particularized to relative into glaze question, as he is to-boot a competent mining engineer, excluding his partners enjoy always exceptional such a propose. Hoping to incite them of the rewarding naturalness of such exertion, Smith decides to ordinate some standard wells on a goods that the particularized owns, and to that purpose places an appoint control a $ 3 000 mini glaze-driller with Mary. Jones and Peters enjoy told Mary that she earn refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent be remunerated control either acquisition. Advise Mary as to her legitimate lie, citing useful act enactment.
Investigation 2 [10 marks]
Steve Jones is an entrepreneur with a miscellany of interest interests. He skilled of a gold shelter in Western Australia. Becatruth he was unquiet to exploit the opening, he particularized to controlm a union, to be indicated WA Gold Question Ltd. He flew to Perth and on 6 July placed an appoint control a ordinateing tool from Thor Mining Toolry Ltd, to be truthd to ordinate a standard stock. The cem definitive that the ordinate would be delivered, and cancelment of the $ 125 000 expense would sink attributable, on 30 July. He verified the appoint control the ordinate as follows:
Steve Jones, on aid of WA Gold Question Ltd.
WA Gold Question Ltd was registered as a union by ASIC on 10 July, with Steve as 90% shareholder. He and the other shareholders met on 11 July, to trustworthy a consultation of five directors. Steve himself was refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent trustworthyed to the consultation, becatruth although he had originally discovered the opening, he had no trial in mining operations, and so did refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent lack to be complicated in day to day running of the union.
On 14 July, the consultation verified a cem control a prompt of five ore trucks with Volvo Trucks (Australia) Ltd, costing a sum of $ 500 000, to be delivered on 30 September. The consultation to-boot orderly a sub-committee to particularize the union’s technical needs, and on 25 July the consultation trustworthy the committee’s admonition that the union refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent purchase the
$ 125 000 ordinate from Thor Mining toolry Ltd and should instead purchase undivided from United Mining Toolry Ltd control $ 90 000. The consultation then contacted Thor Mining Toolry Ltd and told it that it would refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent be preamble delivery of the ordinate or stableing control it. Unfortunately, in mid-September it became conspicuous that the gold shelter was refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent as comprehensive as hoped, and the consultation ceased trading on the foundation that the
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LAW504 201630 SM I-10 February 2016-Version 1 Page 12 of 36
union had barely $ 400 000 in possessions and had accumulated $ 2 favorite in liabilities. The union is accordingly unpotent to stable control the trucks.
Steve, who has indivisible possessions of $ 1 favorite, has now been sued control rupture of cem by twain Thor Mining Toolry Ltd and Volvo Trucks (Australia) Ltd. Assume you are his legitimate advisor. Prepare order control him citing generous legitimate example, as to what his legitimate lie is.
**Content control that your provision complies with the rules in the Style Guide antecedently you laborer it in.**
This rate earn confess you to unfold your power to:
engage in legitimate research;
identify the legitimate issues arising quenched of strange factual situations, to analyse the applicpotent enactment and to individualize among which rules are applicpotent and which are refertalented attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent and then employ the enactment to the problem;
to interpret and summprepare the applicpotent enactment in such a habit as to beget a ment control a client which states what liabilities prepare from strange factual situations
And past specifically:
your cognizance of the enactment of influence and the enactment relating to the division of companies and the disconnected legitimate convertibility of corporations
your power to stipulate an rate function useful to the exertionplace and negotiative practice