HI6008 Assignment 2 Requirements Structure

HI6008 Assignment 2 Requirements Structure
All HI6008 Students Enrol in the Semester 2/2017 need to prosper adown Assignment structure:
1. Introduction
2. Project Objective
3. Project Scope
4. Attainment Re-examination
(Students’ needs to summarise Assignment 1 attainment re-examination (2-3 pages)and do vindication from Assignment 1 attainment problems, gaps opportunities, Hypothesis)
5. Research Investigations/Hypothesis
-Primary Investigation (simply single investigation)
– Secondary Investigations (1, 2 ….)
Research investigations should be linked to Attainment Problems, Gaps, and Hypothesis
6. Research Design and Methodology
– Qualitative research
(Students should mean the Arrangementof the Qualitative Research (Main Steps), Approaches to reliability and Validity, Sampling, Sample Size, Data Collateion Method, Variables Specifications)
– Quantitative research
(Students should mean the arrangement of the Quantitative Research Design Arrangement (Main Steps), Research Instrument, Quantitative Data Analysis Arrangement, Sampling and Simple Size, Interviewing and Investigationary Design, Reliability and Validity of Data)
7. Research Limitations
8. Time Schedule (Research contrivance)
9. Conclusion
10. Reference List
11. Appendix
NOTE: Students are referable with requirements to collate and analyse data