HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Trimester 2, 2017
Assignment 2 Event Examine
The event adducement restraint Term 2, 2017 is institute in your extractbulk Ferrell, Fraedrich& Ferrell (11th Edition) Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Eventson pp.528 – 534available in your campus library: Event 12 Insider Trading at the Galleon Group
Assignment 2 – Event Examine
Topic: must discover and adequate a event examine declaration established on the event Event12Insider Trading at the Galleon Groupinstitute in the 11th edition of the prescribed Business Ethics extract bulk by Ferrell | Fraedrich on pages 528 – 534.
adequate a elaborate separation and offer a 3000 vocable declaration of your separation to your lecturer. You must adopt in affixed discovery to gather over elucidation knowledge as well-mannered-mannered as floating knowledge on the audience and post.
You must harangue each of the 3 event questions at the purpose of the event examine. You must acquiesce a effeminate representation to the Blackboard ‘Final acquiescence link’. Please, voicelessness that difficult copies are no longer true. The percentage matching on unendangered adduce must be no over than 10% with pertinent Harvard references interposed.
Format: Declaration restraintmat, times novel roman, 12 object, 1.5 continuity spacing. The declaration needs to rest at smallest the following:
a. Executive Summary: ideally individual page save no over than span.
b. Sections 1: Introduction (2 marks)
c. Section 2: Main substance of the declaration resting the 3 questions at the purpose of event examine (12 marks)
d. Sections 3: Conclusions (2 marks)
e. Reference List (10-20 references). (2 marks)
f. Structure (2 marks)