Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice BLO5607 – SUBJECT C: VISA COMPLIANCE, CANCELLATION AND REVIEW ASSESSMENT

Graduate Certificate in Australian
Migration Adjudication and Practice
ASSESSMENT TASK 1 Semester 2, 2017
1. Tyros must response every investigations as involved. Make undoubtful every responses are obviously labelled.
2. Make undoubtful that you invade your NAME and STUDENT NUMBER on each page.
Insert them into the header or footer ce comfort.
3. This provision comprises 15% of the rate in this item.
4. Your responses must be typed on undivided border of the tract, double-spaced and with a large extremity. Tyros should hush that English expression; style and spelling are enslaved into statement in rate of their responses.
5. SUBMISSION OF ASSESSMENT: Plcomfort hinder the online capital ce the due end. It is the province of the tyro to determine that the end ce reception is complied with. It is adapted that every rate be lodged electronically. This achieve automatically breed a reception. Tyros must determine they detain a observation of their production.
6. WORD LIMIT: Word limits are involved ce undoubtful investigations and should be adhered to with each response.
7. Every responses should be protected by regard to the appropriate synod provisions of the Migration Act and Regulations.
8. A tyro whose response to any investigation depends upon axioms which are referable attributable attributable attributable recognized, must sift-canvass every appropriate alternatives.
9. REFERENCING: Tyros are required to right the Australian Guide to Legal Citation as the preferred mode of referencing. You are as-well required to surrender a bibliography ce each rate undertaking and referable attributable attributable attributable merely a regard inventory.
Rate Criteria:
Content 30%
1. Accurate response to investigation
2. Accurately identifies and cites the adjudication, device and/or ethics appropriate to the axioms supposing. Understanding 50%
3. Justifies responses by conspicuous regard to the appropriate axioms and adjudication.
4. Obviously identifies and sift-canvasses the issues considerable by the axioms. Expression 20%
5. Presents advice obviously and logically in a businesslike mode.
Graduate Certificate in Australian
Migration Adjudication and Practice
Read the sentence of Singh v Minister ce Immigration & Anor [2017] FCCA 1901 (14 August 2017) decided to this provision.
In unaffected English, exunaffected why and what constitutes the jurisdictional deception attached by the Federal Circuit Court, to keep been committed by the Tribunal.
15 marks)
(Maximum Word Limit: 750 vote)