The paper should be 1800 words long. The essay must compare and contrast the analytical strengths and weaknesses of two theoretical perspectives: Culture and Storytelling Consider: ● Outline each perspective briefly ● Discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the perspectives in terms of understanding leading and managing change ● Make an overall evaluation of the perspectives you have discussed Please utilize the following sources for Cultural perspective: – Brewis, J. (2007) ‘Culture’ Chapter 9 in Knights, D. and Willmott H. (eds) Introducing Organizational Behaviour and Management, London, Thomson Learning. – Fleming, P. (2005). Workers’ playtime? Boundaries and cynicism in a “culture of fun” program. The JournalofAppliedBehavioralScience, 41(3),285-303. – Brown, A., (1992) Organizational culture: the key to effective leadership and organizational development. Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 13(2), 3-6. – Sturdy, A., & Grey, C. (2003). Beneath and beyond organizational change management: Exploring alternatives. Organization, 10( 4), 651-662. Please utilize the following sources for the Storytelling perspective: – Reissner, S. (2008) ‘Change, learning, narrative and making sense’ Chapter 2 in Narratives of Organisational Change and Learning: Making Sense of Testing Times, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar. – Gabriel, Y. (2006) ‘Narratives, stories and texts’ Chapter 2 in The Sage Handbook of Organizational Discourse, London Routledge – Brown, A. D., Gabriel, Y. and Gherardi, S., 2009. Storytelling and change: An unfolding story. Organization, 16(3),323-333. – Gabriel, Y. (2000). Storytelling in organizations: Facts, fictions, and fantasies: Facts, fictions, and fantasies. OUP Oxford – Sandberg J. and Tsoukas H., 2015. Making sense of the sensemaking perspective: Its constituents, limitations and opportunities for further development. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 36:S6–S32. Outside sources are also recommendable but please use at least 2 sources of each topic. I will also upload the powerpoints for both perspectives. Likewise, correct in-text citations and end references are needed in Havard Style. Please place a creative essay title, if possible.