1. Critically analyse and evaluate the application of learner styles in the design and delivery of language classes

You should look at various models that describe learner styles. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. Consider the aims of this approach and teacher and learner expectations. You should also mention cultural considerations. In your conclusion, you should state whether you think this methodology or approach is effective and say why you think this is (or isn’t) the case. 2. Critically evaluate the benefits of learner autonomy to the language learning process. You should look at various definitions of autonomy and consider the benefits and challenges of autonomy for language learning. You should discuss the possible ways of encouraging and enhancing autonomy in learners. 3. Critically evaluate the role of classroom error correction and the short and long term impact it may have. The aim of this essay is to examine the impact of correction in the classroom on the long term competence of a language learner 4/17/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing https://www.writershub.org/writer/orders/407498#instructions 4/5 In particular you need to consider: What constitutes ‘successful’ correction The difference between short term and long term improvement The role of correction in terms of Face validity (meeting teacher and learner expectation) Motivation Inculcating long term learning strategies Promoting greater attentiveness NB A discussion of correction techniques, their relative merits and the amount of classroom correction that is effective is insufficient for a successful answer. Urgent research paper writing guide. 4. Critically evaluate the role that technology – specifically the use of ICT – plays in language teaching Theory: In this essay you need to demonstrate a general understanding of the issues involved in the use of ICT in language learning. You need to look at various models of teaching and learning and consider both positive and negative aspects Application: You should also choose a target group of students and show how ICT may be beneficial and the challenges that it could pose for both teachers and learners.