Computer proposal report

Grade Point Value: 0- 100 points. I advise you to create a list of each item covered in these instructions. I will give points based on your completion of these instructions. You are writing a proposal to purchase computing system for your own use. To convince the reader that you know what you are doing and are making a rational choice, what will you write? Whether you have a computer system now, are in the market to acquire one, or would get one if you only had the money, your assignment is to write a proposal to “buy” a computer. That is, you are to go through the exercise of clearly identifying why you need a computing system ; defining the computing system you feel is appropriate to your specific needs ; “shopping” for all of the components of that system in order to compare alternatives and select the right components to address your needs; accurately describing the system you choose. Remember the definition of the word “SYSTEM” as applied to the term “Computer System” as it will be a factor in grading this assignment. It means all of the components: the computer itself, peripherals, software, accessories – ALL of the things you need in order to accomplish your tasks. Your system selection must clearly pertain to your computing needs; not just a fantasy. There should be a direct relationship from your expressed computing needs, to the software that enables you to do the work, to the hardware that supports the software, and to the peripherals that support your efforts. Your budget must address each and all of these components. You will use newspaper or magazine advertisements, visit a computer store, educational computer purchase offerings (such as, or similar factual information to support your work. Be realistic. Whether this is an actual purchase or a homework exercise, complete your needs assessment and set appropriate budget constraints to support a rational and reasonable system purchase. If you already purchased a computer, you may describe the reasons you made that purchase and use the information you already have – no need to duplicate the effort, but you must provide all of the required details. REPORT CRITERIA : 
NOTE: Consider the following a CHECKLIST and review your paper prior to submission to ensure you have included all required components. Missing Required Content = Reduced Grade. Your paper must be formatted according to MLA style; a good resource for you to have is the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, commonly available in bookstores. Another resource is the Purdue University On-Line Writing Lab (Purdue OWL) – which has example formats to guide you. An example MLA-style writing assignment, annotated to explain the format, is also found on the Purdue Owl at this link:
Note that the MLA style for reports such as this assignment calls for no title page, simply place an information block for your name, etc., on the top left of the first page, a centered title below the information block, and the page number in the page header, right-aligned, in the style Lastname # (such as Student 1). Please follow the MLA format; deviations will be penalized. Be careful with extra spaces between paragraphs that are not MLA style. In addition, for this writing project, you also must follow the following instructions (note there are four tables): Create a Needs Assessment Table describing the tasks you would use the computer to accomplish. Be specific about these tasks and the reasons they are important considerations for selecting your computing system Create a Systems Requirement Table listing the minimum system configuration, software, and accessories you would need to have in order to properly choose your computing system. Make sure you list each major component of your system. Please include parts, but you don’t have to list price. Develop a Comparison Table, “Make sure to list the final Price.” or find a suitable side-by-side comparison from a computer manufacturer (website, for example) to compare alternative systems configurations. Compare at least two but no more than four systems. Please make sure to include a final price for each system. Delineate the reasons for your final specific system selection and describe each of its major components. You should place this info in Computer Purchase Proposal. Document the source of your data in a bibliography: Newspaper ads, Company websites, in-store quotes or information sheets, etc. You must visit, in-person, at least one local computer hardware retail store, use at least one published computer ad (magazine or newspaper), and search at least one computer sales website. You might also find published product reviews to support your selection. Use proper MLA format for your bibliography (for help: click on the WVC Library Link on the Resources tab in this course within Angel, or go to the WVC Home Page and click through to the library website.) In your paper, address these questions : How does the source of information affect your perception of the usefulness of the data, its accuracy, and it usefulness? Which information source was the most useful to you, and why was it? Use Word (or an acceptable alternative word processing system) to prepare the paper. NOTE: Your paper will not be accepted if you create and submit it using Microsoft Works; I must be able to easily open and read your submitted document using a current version of MS Word. If you have any doubts about compatibility, ASK BEFORE SUBMITTING. The word-processed paper and the supporting documentation (needs assessment, systems requirement, and comparison worksheets) must be submitted together in a single Word document file; submission of portions of the report in separate documents does not meet the report’s criteria. The term paper will be submitted via a labeled “Drop Box” within the Angel Learning Systems space for your class section. You should verify that the file is appropriately uploaded. DO NOT include in your term paper definitions of common computer terms. We will presume you will know what a monitor or display, keyboard, mouse, modem, etc., is – and why you might need basic computer components. Don’t use descriptions of components (such as “RAM is used to store computer instructions…keyboards are used to enter data…etc) as it will be seen as “filler.” However, you should explain your need for any special equipment such as a camera, scanner, special sound system, etc. Include (embed) graphics, charts, etc. as appropriate to your research. Any published product pictures or graphics may be subject to copyright restrictions. In a footnote or endnote, explain how to obtain permission to make use of them for your paper or, if there is permission, document it. Do not use excessive numbers or sizes of graphics, as this will be considered “filler.” 
Your final table should resemble the one below: You should not use lines or colors. Due Date: Upload by March 4