Assessment Information Your Task Business Communication

Assessment Information

Your Task
Working in teams during weeks 8 to 11 you will complete in-class activities, develop 10 slides and present for 10 min with your team in week 12.

Assessment Description
Subject Code: BUS101
Subject Name:
Assessment Title: In-class Team Presentation and slides
Assessment Type: In-class Team Presentation
Presentation Length: 10 minutes

You are required to form teams of between three and five people, making sure the names of your team members are given to your lecturer no later than Week 8. In weeks 8 to 11 there will be a presentation activity during class that will develop your presentation with your team.

In week 12, your team will deliver a presentation to the class on following topics
• Intercultural Communication

As it is an individual mark each member will need to be a presenter. Your presentation must include:
• An overview of the topic and theory
• The reason you selected it
• Real-life examples of that theory being applied in the workplace
• Each person will explain one new practice they wish to apply in the near future

Your team presentation will need to be accompanied by a deck of approximately 10 slides. Each week from week 8 to 11 you will have time to work in your teams on the presentation and slide deck however additional individual research beyond what is covered in class will also be needed.

Even though marks will be awarded on an individual basis, your mark will be heavily influenced by the way in which you participate in the activities and contribute to your team’s presentation. It is recommended you practice your presentation beforehand and work to the marking rubrics provided

Assessment Instructions
Submission: The slide deck is to be submitted to Turnitin by one group member Monday week 12 and the oral presentation is to be completed in -class in week 12
Reference guide: The PowerPoint slides will need to be referenced appropriately (minimum of 4 references) and you may include references using weekly readings, online references and journal articles. Referencing should be in the Harvard style – please refer to ‘Harvard Referencing Guide’

Important Study Information

Word Limits for Written Assessments

Submissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the point at which that limit is exceeded.