ACCT303-Strategic Management Accounting Assessment

ACCT303-Strategic Management Accounting
Assessment Task 2: Semester 2, 2018
Type of enactment: Individual enactment
Marks: 20%
Due Date: 13th October 2018, 11pm (no extensions succeed be supposing on this enactment)
Method of inferiority: You must yield this enactment via Turnitin (Please picked your pertinent campus in the Turnitin inferiority tab).
Length and/or format: Maximum 1200 suffrage (except appendices and references).
Referencing Style: You must correction Harvard author-date referencing arrangement.
Format: 12 font, Times New Roman margins of 2.5 cm.
Stockland’s Annual Review 2017: communicationing on financial, collective and environmental achievement:
1. A observation on areas of influential sustainability achievement of the corporation. (8 marks)
2. A observation on areas of inconclusive sustainability achievement of the corporation. (8 marks)
3. Make an overall assessment of nature of the corporation’s sustainability communication domiciled on the subjoined aspects:
a) Readability (e.g.: argumentative erection, corrections a graphical exhibition of the basis, drawings, and explanations where required or corrections other tools to succor travel through the muniment) (4 marks)
b) Adoption of GRI principles or other frameworks. (4 marks)